People who visit the temple constitute a heterogeneous profile comprising of wealthy & poor, aged & young, males & females from every part of India.

The scenic beauty, the landscape around and the constant chanting of 'Jai Mata Di', leaves a mystic effect on the devotees. At the culmination of their pilgrimage the devotees are blessed with the 'Darshans' of the deity in her manifestation as Pindi, located inside the sanctum- sanatorium, which is open for the devotees through out the year in all seasons. .

It is truly a spiritually uplifting experience to witness the faith of the devotees, who are motivated to the heart by three words being chanted since the ages.

"Jai Mata Di"


Important Dates
Navratraey 18-31 March 2018
Saptmi 24th March 2018
Astmi 25th March 2018
Mela Chaudas
30th March 2018
Invitation : Jagran & Bhandara

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